Thursday, March 6, 2008


There is so much traveling going on right now that I can't even keep my head straight. Mike got put on a huge project for work. His reward? Traveling to Chicago basically every single Monday through Friday for the next four months. It is great for his career, and he really deserves this huge opportunity, so I am trying not to be a baby about it. I know I have said before how I love my alone time, but come on. This is a tiny bit too much. Plus, the new responsibility comes with a Blackberry, so even when we are together, we are not quite together. I haven't flushed it down the toilet yet, and we are powering through. I am just learning to resort back to my single roots.

I saw Mike on Tuesday of last week when he left for Chicago. I then left for Girls' Ski Trip at 2pm on Friday, ten hours before he returned home. I got home Monday, saw him for the 25 minutes it took me to drive him to the airport and have not laid eyes on him since. He should be landing in about two hours, then we have to leave for Dallas to go to his friend's wedding tomorrow at noon. On top of it, things have been insane for me at work, too, and any time I have had not writing boring work stuff has been spent promising my dog that his life of being spoiled rotten with walks and constant attention will return shortly. The moral of all of this whining is that I promise to be back with more stories early next week. Here are some teasers:

I have about five stories from Girls' Ski Trip, including one where I was an actual rock star in Breckenridge for a fleeting few minutes. I'm serious.

I am up for a new job at work. A crossroads if you will, and there are some really odd elements to it all.

More about how Mike and I have become two ships passing in the night.

And more about my quest to be a tall skinny hottie even if it kills me.

So, have a great weekend. I will be in Dallas, where I heard it is supposed to be SNOWING tomorrow. How unfair is that? I think it actually follows me. In the meantime, check out some great stories from That Girl From Shallotte. I promise you won't be disappointed. She is my favorite columnist/blogger.
See you all back here on Monday.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Ooh, teasers! Will have to check back to get the updates.

And I can relate about the Blackberry--the Lobster has one and it is quite bossy and demanding.

But hmm, flushable... hadn't thought of that.

->cara said...

oh the woes of life... i can't imagine being away from my hubbie for that long. the longest we've ever been apart was for 5 days. probably a total of 25 days throughout our entire 20 year marriage. and to boot that, we work together. i think we can't get enough of each other, right?

hang in there. you just have to try thinking of creative ways to be with him while you're apart... send him love note text messages 20 times a day... mail him a love note to his hotel and spray it with your perfume... heck, send him "honey i miss you" care packages every day... put on one of his favorite shirts when you call him at night...

i know, no substitute. hang in there... he'll be back soon (and probably ever so briefly) and you'll have the best together time you've ever had.

That girl from Shallotte said...

Cara! I am so blushing for the shoutout over here in North Carolina! You are so my favorite, too!!

E-mail me and tell me more about this job opportunity! I hope it's a real opportunity, not a corporate "opportunity," which I've learned over the years means more crap work and kissing up chances with a minimal pay rate. Tell me!!!!

I just started my 60-day contractor sabbatical. Steve will be in town a total of eight days out of this period. I LOVE my alone time and am used to him traveling, but I'm without my daytime buddies and my routine. I've already washed everything in the house and have started talking back for the cats when I talk to them!

Have you read, "Then We Came to the End" yet?