Sunday, September 30, 2007

Europe countdown: 3 days

Everyone made fun of my money belt. Rick Steves said specifically on his website that one must have a money belt whilst one is traveling in Europe. So I went to REI and bought a very inconspicuous one and showed it to my boyfriend, Mike, and some friends from work, all of whom proceeded to laugh at me and explain very condescendingly that only the dorky touristy types carry these money belts, and that I was about to tool around Europe looking like a hugely annoying American tourist. Since they are all so well-traveled, and obviously wiser in the ways of the world than I, I am apparently supposed to bow down and thank them for this sage, albeit sort of snotty, advice. But seriously, how the hell am I supposed to know?? I was raised by a single mom and so there were no real vacations growing up. Hell, there were barely groceries. So screw them. I will wear whatever the hell I want on my first trip to Europe ever. Plus, now that I am in my 30's, I suddenly am not as worried about looking like a dork as I once was. So, like I said, screw them.
Ok, honestly, I am going to REI in a few minutes to return the money belt. However, Rick Steves was apparently right about the no white running shoes rule in Europe. So I will not be returning my sassy little mary-jane European walking shoes, even if Mike did say that they look slightly lesbionic. Whatever; I think they are adorable even while making my size 11s look closer to a Michal Jordanesque 14. I am going to Europe, bitches, so quit looking at my feet...and my money.... and LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! :)

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