Monday, October 1, 2007

Europe Countdown: 2 days

Crap. In all of the hurry with preparation for the trip this weekend, I forgot that I actually had to work on Monday and Tuesday. CRAP! I am so not in the mood to write about financial performance and investing. I am ready to get on a plane.
I had one scary thought last night, and that is that I will actually be flying over the ocean. Over the entire body of water that is the Atlantic Ocean. I am not really the best flier that I know. I get a little scared, a little motion sick, and the fact that I am six-foot-one doesn't really help matters much. Besides, I have seen Castaway. I know what can happen when you crash into the ocean, never to be seen again.
Usually I spend a typical flight squirming and trying to find a position for my legs that doesn't involve severe rug burn from the chair in front of me. So far it has just been trips within the continental United States, but this is going to be eight hours of hell. While I appreciate my stature, I sometimes wouldn't mind being a more cute and feminine 5'3" or so; I would fit so much more nicely that way. On an airplane I feel like such a freak. I can feel people staring at me as I make my way down the aisle with my head cocked to the side slightly to avoid dragging it along the ceiling. The other people just stare and pray silently that I will not be occupying the seat next to them where I will most definitely steal all of their space. Maybe I will drug myself for the flight. A little Tylenol PM maybe? Or I have that vicodin left over from my knee injury....hmmm, not a bad idea. Either way, Mike better give me the aisle seat Wednesday morning. That is all I have to say.

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